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YYTECH Insight Spotlight: Tech Support Scams


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Another security scam has presented itself in our area. Most of us are used to seeing scams that hit our email inbox or pop up on our screens. Now scammers are attempting to use phones, pretending to be a computer technician, to gain access to vital information.

How a Tech Support Scam Works
This type of scam is different from what we typically see. It begins with a phone call from an individual claiming to be support for a well-known company like Microsoft. The scammer will then walk users through complex steps to find legitimate files that they claim to be viruses. This is all in an attempt to gain your trust. Once they have it, they will begin asking for things like, remote access, credit card information, directing you to false websites.

What you can do if you get a call
If you receive a call from a person who claims to be tech support, hang up and contact a number or organization you know to be legitimate. Remember to never give remote access or vital information to someone you do not trust. If, for whatever reason, you believe that you have ever responded to a scam, be sure to change any passwords you have given out and cancel any credit cards that have been compromised. 

If you believe that your organization has been targeted by a tech support scam, please contact Yeo & Yeo Technology at 989.797.4075.


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