Cyberattacks and Small Business

YYTECH Launches New Comprehensive Cybersecurity Monitoring Service – YeoSecure


Jeff McCulloch
Jeff McCulloch President Technology

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Is your organization doing everything it can to thwart cyberthreats? YYTECH is pleased to announce a new comprehensive cybersecurity monitoring service backed by dedicated personnel who will detect emerging threats and respond quickly when a cyberattack occurs.

What is YeoSecure?

YeoSecure is a comprehensive cybersecurity monitoring and compliance solution that provides 24/7/365 monitoring of networks and is designed to lower the cost of cybersecurity for our clients. By using continuous security monitoring, our team can provide real-time visibility into the condition of an organization’s security, constantly monitoring for cyber threats, gaps in security infrastructure, and other vulnerabilities.

Over 70 percent of cyberattacks target small and medium businesses. Most of these businesses lack the and personnel to protect themselves and fight back. Having strict guidelines and policies in place are not enough in today’s work environment. Continuous security monitoring is essential.

YeoSecure is designed to integrate with an organization’s infrastructure and eliminate threats as soon as they are detected. Reporting allows our team to understand the type of attack and how it works, all while keeping the network secure and identifying weaknesses.

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