YYMBC Service Update in Response to Stay Home, Stay Safe Executive Order

Medical Billing

Kati Krueger
Kati Krueger CMPE President Medical Billing & Consulting

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On March 23, Governor Whitmer announced the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order 2020-21 that closed more nonessential businesses. Under U.S. Department of Homeland Security essential critical worker classifications, Yeo & Yeo Medical Billing qualifies as an essential critical infrastructure workplace.
With that, in remaining socially responsible, we are implementing additional changes to support this order and ensure the health of our team members, clients, community and loved ones.
The YYMBC office remains closed through at least April 17.

Operations will continue as normal as possible for our clients while our team members continue to implement the safety measures Yeo & Yeo has put in place. Many of our team members have been working remotely and more will be asked to work remotely or to rotate schedules to further support social distancing in our office. Your emails and phone calls are being answered as usual (maybe not as quickly), and your YYMBC professionals are working to meet your needs.

Please continue to contact YYMBC at 989.797.1400 and via email with your YYMBC professional.
Yeo & Yeo has launched a COVID-19 Resource Center where you can find relevant tax updates, labor and unemployment guidance, and many useful COVID-19 links. 

Thank you for the continued trust and support you have given us during this time. We understand that all of you are experiencing similar disruption in your service. We are here to help and work together to get through this.

Stay strong. Stay healthy.

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