The city of Alma is located in the center of Michigan. A small city with a passionate community, Alma has something for everyone.

What is it like to have a location in Alma, MI?

Known as Scotland USA, Alma is home to the annual Highland Festival, which unites Alma College and the surrounding community by celebrating their Scottish heritage. The festival began in 1968, and for more than 50 years it has brought thousands of people to Alma. The Festival showcases the sense of community and pride residents of Alma have for their city and one another.

Yeo & Yeo’s Alma Services

Yeo & Yeo is among the leading advisory firms in the nation. We provide integrated solutions in areas including accounting, audit, tax, valuation, technology, medical billing and wealth management for individuals and companies in Alma and beyond. Health care, education and manufacturing are among Alma’s three largest industries, employing over 50% of Alma’s working population. We are proud to serve these industries and many more in our Alma office.

For more information on working and living in Alma, visit the Gratiot Area Chamber of Commerce  website.

Image of the Alma building