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Yeo & Yeo Technology began more than 35 years ago as a two-person team in a CPA office trying to help their clients incorporate desktop computers into their businesses. Today, we set the standard for IT solutions in Michigan and have strong relationships with industry leaders such as Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, VMware and more. Our team is a mix of nearly 40 experienced, highly qualified technology professionals who are ready to tackle any task.

What is it like to provide IT services in Michigan?

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation maintains that since 2009, information technology job growth in Michigan has outpaced the nation, and the state is poised to continue this pace well into the future. Cities like Detroit and Ann Arbor are home to numerous tech giants, including Google, and Michigan ranks third in the United States as a “hotbed” for tech job growth. Michigan’s Cybersecurity Initiative is the world’s first comprehensive state-level approach to cybersecurity, improving the state’s defenses and fostering rapid cyber talent and business growth.

At Yeo & Yeo Technology, we recognize that every industry is different and that technology is constantly changing. We have the knowledge and expertise to find innovative IT solutions built for you and your business. Our services include cybersecurity monitoring, managed services, cloud solutions, accounting and ERP software, business continuity and compliance, hardware procurement and more.

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