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Yeo & Yeo Saginaw Headquarters Relocation

To say Yeo & Yeo outgrew its previous Saginaw location is quite an understatement! The relocation of the firm's headquarters in Saginaw, Michigan was born of necessity. A significant expansion took place at the Saginaw office on Davenport Ave. in the year 2000, and since then the number of professionals in the office increased significantly. Fifteen years later, more office space was needed.

The decision to leave our location of 42 years was not made lightly; how our Saginaw office relocation would affect relationships with our valued clients was top of mind. Today, the professionals of our affiliate companies who were previously housed in different buildings are working together, and our clients are benefitting from greater cross-discipline collaboration and innovation, and workflow efficiencies.

A Collaborative Yeo & Yeo with our Clients in Mind

Our business relies on relationships – with each other across our nine office locations and across our affiliates, with our business partners, with our communities and, most important, with our clients. Bringing our affiliates together under one roof  – Yeo & Yeo Computer Consulting, Yeo & Yeo Financial Services, and Yeo & Yeo Medical Billing & Consulting – will enhance our relationships and create greater synergies that will drive collaboration and innovation. The result will be a stronger, more responsive, more efficient and forward-thinking firm. For you and for us.

The headquarters building may be new, but the commitment to our core values that have been upheld for 94 years remains true. While the relocation marks a significant milestone for our firm, even more, it is a step that leads us closer to our vision and goals, with our clients and our communities at the forefront.

A New HQ with Wellness in Mind

  • Outdoor walking path, which encourages employees to continue to participate in the firm’s monthly YeoSteppers Fitbit Fitness challenges
  • Large, open spaces with ample natural light that provides a bright, energizing environment
  • Ergonomic and efficient work spaces to create better workflow and support well-being
  • Flexible collaborative spaces to foster a teamwork-driven atmosphere and promote interaction

Quality of life and quality of health is important, so Yeo & Yeo provides these benefits as part of a total benefits package available to our employees.

Renovation with the Environment in Mind

Throughout the process of adding 14,000 square feet of space to the new headquarters, many opportunities became available to implement “green” construction practices.

  • During the demolition stage, steel, aluminum, and plastics were recycled locally to keep landfill to a minimum.
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting is installed throughout the existing structure, and in the addition to the building, and an automated temperature control system is being utilized for the highest efficiency.
  • Cubicles from the Davenport office were renewed in the new office. What was not repurposed went to a recycling center. The end result was zero office furniture sent to a landfill.

Locations Throughout Michigan

Yeo & Yeo employs nearly 220 professionals and has nine offices throughout Michigan to serve our clients in the state and beyond. During the last three years, Yeo & Yeo’s Ann Arbor and Lansing offices also relocated within their communities to accommodate growth and offer a contemporary work environment for employees.

Visit our Locations page to note the new addresses for Yeo & Yeo's Saginaw office and our affiliates - Yeo & Yeo Computer Consulting, Yeo & Yeo Financial Services and Yeo & Yeo Medical Billing & Consulting. The office is located on the corner of Bay Road and Trautner Drive. Phone numbers, email addresses and P.O. Box numbers remain the same.

We are thrilled to move into our new headquarters and look forward to continued growth across all of Yeo & Yeo's offices throughout the state for years to come. This office, and the new tools it provides, will allow our staff to do even better what they already do best: deliver outstanding business solutions.


Read the Press Release featuring the relocation.

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