Why Should You Care About CRM?

3 Reasons CRM Software Fails and How to Avoid Them


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Generally, there are two important elements when it comes to turning leads into customers and keeping them happy and loyal: strong personal skills and an efficient customer relationship management (CRM) software.

CRM is, in its broadest sense, a technological Rolodex that does much more. In effect, the software offers unified views of clients, contacts, calls and notes that make it simpler to keep track of the marketing pipeline from the first contact through the signing of a deal.

These systems allow you to manage your sales process more effectively and forecast sales and project revenue more accurately. They also free up sales reps to spend more time in the field closing deals.

But some specialists estimate that from 35 to 70 percent of businesses fail in their first attempts to install and operate a CRM. Among the reasons are:

  1. Too much focus on technology. CRM applications come in various shapes and sizes, and you need to choose one that best suits your business and doesn’t have unnecessary bells and whistles. The primary functions of CRM systems are to streamline front-office operations, display key information about marketing, sales and customer support, and make your business processes more efficient and cost-effective. When considering a CRM application, if you don’t need a feature, don’t buy it.
  2. Too little focus on the customer. The core of any CRM system is your company’s customers and their needs. A call-center can be a great help, provided it is customer friendly. If the system is too complicated it can alienate customers, sales leads, and your staff.
  3. Too little preparation. The people who will be using the system will likely have different needs and expectations. For example, a CFO will want to view the entire pipeline to calculate budgets, while the sales team will be more interested in call scheduling and ease of data entry. Take your time to consider how everyone will use the system, how your IT staff will cope with it and whether you need to create new departments to deal with it.

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