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Cybersecurity eBook: Insights and Tips for Businesses and Organizations


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As our reliance on technology grows, the risk of individual and commercial cyberattacks increases as well. Hackers now have more opportunities to steal sensitive data than ever before. We’ve created this Cybersecurity eBook to share insights and tips so you can better understand modern cyber risks and the potential impact they could have on your organization. In the eBook, we discuss:

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  • What types of cyberattacks to watch for, how they work, and emerging trends you need to be aware of.
  • How to assess your cybersecurity risks, from taking inventory of the devices on your network to evaluating the impact an attack would have.
  • What to do if a breach occurs, from contacting your cybersecurity insurance provider to conducting a thorough analysis of public sites to ensure no private information was posted accidentally.
  • How to protect your organization from cyberattacks and the protections you can implement today to decrease your risk.

This 20-page eBook is a comprehensive guide to cybersecurity. We hope you find it useful as you analyze how to keep your organization safe in the digital world.

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