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Phishing by Industry Benchmarking Report


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The human layer continues to be the most enticing attack vector for cybercriminals. Sadly, most organizations neglect this easily penetrable entry point. Throughout 2022, the world continued to see significant increases in phishing attacks. No industry vertical, size of business, or geography was immune.

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The use of email, phone calls, texts, social media, and other outreach methods all work together to evade an organization’s secure infrastructure as workforces and individuals remain more distracted and exposed than ever.

Phishing by Industry Benchmarking ReportIn this eBook, we discuss:

  • Industries and their phishing risk level
  • How phishing tests can drastically decrease vulnerabilities
  • The value of security awareness training

Ready to start phishing your users? We offer baseline testing to assess the phish-prone percentage of your users through a simulated attack. From there, we can provide access to the world’s largest library of training content, including interactive modules, videos, games, posters, and newsletters, so you can start educating and building your human firewall. Contact us to get started.

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