Email Hijack

eBook: Email Hijack – How Hackers Break In


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Stop Hackers from Stealing Your Data

When you think about it, the very nature of email makes it the weakest point of any security setup. For many of us, it’s both our greatest tool and most hated nemesis.

You have lots of staff, accepting hundreds of emails every day. And even the best email filters in the world can’t stop clever hackers because they’re constantly inventing new ways to get in.

All they need is one member of your staff to click one dodgy link. And that can give hackers enough access to start monitoring what the business is doing. From there, they can spot ways to access business funds.

In this eBook, we will follow the story of a business that was compromised by an email attack and explore ways that the attack could have been prevented.

We discuss:

If your business isn’t yet fully protected with the correct layers of security for your specific situation, Yeo & Yeo Technology can help.

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