eBook: Four Ways to Protect Your Data From Disasters

eBook: Four Ways to Protect Your Data From Disasters


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Your office is on fire. What do you save?

Having a disaster strike your business is a terrifying thought. Thankfully it doesn’t happen to many companies. But say it did happen to yours. Nobody’s hurt or at risk. What would you want to save from the office?

It has to be your data, right? After all, it is the most valuable asset in your business. Without it, there would be no business. But what if you’re too late? What if your server was the first thing to go? And, of course, any paper files you had went up in smoke. What then?

Have you got a working backup to rely on? Assuming you do, when was the last time it was checked and the data verified? This really is a daily job.

Are there other things that you thought you’d get around to? Like creating an inventory of your devices or moving all your paper files online?

These are just a few of the jobs that you need to make a priority now if you want a solid disaster recovery plan. Because if a major problem strikes and you don’t have a safety net, it really could be goodbye to your business.

In addition to managing systems and monitoring cyberthreats, a data recovery solution like Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) is an essential component of a solid business continuity plan.

Read this eBook to learn more about BDR and protecting your data from disasters.

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