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Is Data Encryption Good or Bad?

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Encryption can be a confusing subject for most people.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

We understand the confusion. After all, if your data is encrypted, how on earth will it be usable?

However, when you encrypt your data, you’re adding a level of protection to it. It means that should it be stolen, it’ll be unusable to anyone else.

But less than 50 percent of companies have standardized end-to-end encryption set up. While they have some level of encryption, they don’t have a documented standard that covers every area of their business.

And it’s not only hackers and other cybercriminals that could benefit from a business’ lack of data encryption. Lost or stolen devices put data at risk too. When you consider that a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds, it’s leaving businesses more vulnerable than they should be.

Microsoft 365 automatically encrypts business data by default. But your endpoints (laptops, phones, desktop computers, tablets, etc.) might still be vulnerable in the hands of an adept cybercriminal.

In today’s environment, roughly 70 percent of successful data breaches originate at the endpoint. Because endpoints represent every device connected to your network, an attack can become unmanageable quickly if endpoints are not properly managed and secured.

Yeo & Yeo Technology’s endpoint protection software protects your network from malicious attacks by using encryption and application control to secure end-user devices. Using static and behavioral AI, we can detect and prevent fileless, zero-day, and nation-grade attacks in real-time. Contact us to learn how endpoint security can protect your business.

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