Looking for an IT Service Provider? The Top 5 Questions We Love to Say Yes to


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Thanks to the pandemic, many businesses have realized that their current IT service provider is not truly a partner but just another supplier. They’ll fix things when they break, but there’s no genuine care or concern in helping to avoid problems in the first place.

That’s not what you should want or need from an IT service provider. What you should be looking for is an IT partner. With this in mind, we wanted to share the top 5 questions business owners and managers are asking that we love to say ‘Yes’ to.

#1 – Can we work together in partnership, rather than just calling you when things go wrong?      

We want to work with business owners and managers who understand the power of a more permanent solution to their IT needs. Then, we can be the partner they rely on as well as being there for day-to-day issues. While we want to hear from you when things go wrong, the proactive work we do between those times will minimize the frequency and scale of emergencies.

#2 – Can your services help me grow my business?

It stands to reason that the more tailored your infrastructure is to you and your team, the more streamlined your business will be. And the better the product or service is that you deliver to your client. Our goal is to get to know your team and your business inside out. The better we know you, the easier it is for us to see how things can work smoothly and what needs to be improved.

#3 – Do you work proactively or just fix things when they break?

We work proactively because experience tells us that it’s the best way to keep your systems running at optimum levels and ensure that your data is safe and secure from a breach or loss.

#4 – Do you have a clear plan in place if our IT goes down?

While we’re getting to know you and your team, we learn about the systems that are vital to your business, and we can help you create a procedure for any potential problems or breaches to be reported. If a breach occurs, we react as if it were our own business with the issue, minimizing both data loss and downtime as far as possible.

#5 – Can you maintain and update our systems without disruption to the team?

Most of what we do has zero disruption to you and your team. In the background, we make necessary updates, check that data is being backed up as it should be, and ensure there are no potential security breaches.

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