Vape and Chemical Detection – Security for Privacy Areas

HALO Smart Sensor is a multi-sensor designed to detect vape, chemical and sound abnormalities. Used in hundreds of schools and hospitals throughout the U.S. to combat vaping, HALO is suitable for use in any organization where environments need to be monitored and controlled. HALO alerts designated personnel when environmental changes are detected, adding a layer of security in areas not covered by traditional monitoring cameras, such as restrooms.

HALO has 12 unique detection sensors that work in conjunction to detect a multitude of measurements with unlimited customization. In addition to vaping it can also detect abnormalities such as smoke, gunshots, shouting, glass breaks, carbon monoxide, occupancy, humidity, tampering, pressure and more. The hundreds of combinations it detects expands its capabilities to be able to differentiate between substances – HALO is the only Vape Detector that detects THC oil. It also detects other chemicals such as carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), and ammonium (NH4) and ties to the security system or security service to monitor its alerts/events. HALO is easy to install and does not require cloud service.

HALO for Education

  • Student vape detection in classrooms, locker rooms, bathrooms
  • Staff and guest smoking and vaping detection
  • Abnormal sound detection like gunshot and glass breaking
  • Abnormal sound detection for aggressive behavior and bullying in locker rooms, classrooms, stairwells
  • Gas, smoke, chemical level, and spill detection
  • Temperature, humidity, moisture to prevent mold and illness


HALO for Healthcare

  • Staff and guest smoking and vaping detection
  • Hospital room monitoring
  • Occupancy and pressure monitoring
  • Abnormal sound detection like yelling, gunshots and glass breaking
  • Prevention of sick building syndrome
  • Chemical storage area monitoring
  • Monitoring for hazardous substances and noise pollution per OSHA guidelines
  • Temperature monitoring for storage of lab results, vaccines, blood, ICU, pharmacy shelf life

Yeo & Yeo Technology is a reseller of HALO Smart Sensors, the leading award-winning security detection product on the market. To learn more, visit and contact Yeo & Yeo Technology’s designated sales team for more information and a custom quote.