Automated Queuing System and Appointment Booking

Yeo & Yeo Technology has partnered with FrontDesk, a cloud-based SaaS queue management software, built to eliminate wait times, improve the customer experience, and streamline processes.

For organizations looking to enhance their operations, FrontDesk seamlessly integrates with existing business intelligence tools, eliminating manual tasks and increasing efficiency.

How can queue optimization and online booking software help your organization?

Cloud-based Efficiency

FrontDesk operates as a 100% cloud-based software, eliminating the need for major hardware and software investments. With just an internet connection, our solution ensures a seamless experience for both clients and employees.

Streamlined Check-in

Our Smart Kiosk and Smart Tablets simplify the check-in process, allowing customers to easily print tickets, make appointments, and navigate through service centers.

Online Booking and Queue Management

FrontDesk’s online appointment scheduling tool empowers customers to reserve a time before visiting a service center. The system efficiently manages both online bookings and walk-ins, reducing wait times.

Automated Voice and Chatbot

Utilize FrontDesk’s voicebot capabilities for call screening, appointment booking, and internal call forwarding. Automation enhances the overall customer experience by providing efficient and quick responses.

Tailored Workflows

Customizable booking workflows integrated into online booking sites guide citizens to the appropriate appointment types based on pre-defined questions. This ensures a smooth process for gathering documents, payments, and other case-relevant information.

Data-driven Insights

FrontDesk provides comprehensive data analytics through the admin interface, offering at-a-glance statistics and in-depth insights. FrontDesk can also integrate with your existing business intelligence platform if needed.

YYTECH is a FrontDesk reseller and can help you implement technology solutions to improve appointment setting, queues, and your overall customer experience.

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