Microsoft End of Support 2020 Deadlines

Prepare Now for Microsoft End of Support 2020 Deadlines


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Several popular Microsoft products are scheduled to reach the end of support on October 13, 2020. The time to prepare for this deadline is now.

Microsoft states that the end of support means security updates and technical support will no longer be provided for these products, and it is recommended that users upgrade to the latest cloud or on-premise version to remain secure. The following are among Microsoft products reaching the end of support in October. Click to learn more about the recommendations for each.

* Eligible for Microsoft’s Extended Security Update Program.

What does End of Support mean for me?
Unsupported systems and programs turn environments into security and compliance risks. If a security flaw is found in these Microsoft applications after the end of support date, no patches for security updates will be released. If you’re still using these programs beyond the end of support date, your company will be at risk for security vulnerabilities, putting your data and your clients’ data at risk.

Time is running out – plan now!
Organizations that have not yet scheduled upgrades should begin doing so immediately. The longer you wait, the more potential there is for missing the deadline and running into costlier problems later. Plan now so you can consider your budget as well. Please reach out to YYTECH to discuss scheduling, even during the coronavirus pandemic. Many software upgrades can be done remotely. 

Contact YYTECH if you are using any of these products – we can help you evaluate and upgrade your systems as painlessly as possible.

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