A Perfect Fit. A Perfect Fit.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our principals specialize in focused areas and follow a team approach, each bringing a significant piece of the financial puzzle to connect and strengthen your business functions and goals.

Recognized as leaders in their fields, our principals are active in industry and niche-specific organizations and participate in ongoing continuing education to stay abreast of new developments and trends. They often speak for professional groups and author articles on industry trends. All are involved in community-based programs dedicated to improving the communities in which they live and work.

Integrity and quality are at the core of our management team and the firm as a whole.

SAGINAW 989.793.9830 / 800.968.0010
Peter J. Bender, CPA, CFP®vCard
Brian R. Dixon, CPAvCard
David A. Beyerlein, CPA, PFSvCard
Thomas E. Hollerback, CPA, CFF, CFEvCard
John M. Kunitzer, CPAvCard
Suzanne R. Lozano, CPA, CVAvCard
Gary L. Riedlinger, CPA, PFSvCard
Jamie L. Rivette, CPAvCard
David W. Schaeffer, CPA/ABV, CFF, CMAPvCard
Michael T. Tribble, CPA, CSEPvCard
Steven P. Witt, CPAvCard
David R. Youngstrom, CPAvCard
ALMA 989.463-6108 / 800.466.6168
Thomas E. Coulter, CPAvCard
ANN ARBOR 734.769.1331
Thomas A. O'Sullivan, CPA, CFEvCard
GREATER DETROIT 248.239.0900
Jeff Hauswirth, CPA, CVA, CFFvCard
Tammy Moncrief, CPAvCard
FLINT 810.732.3000 / 800.899.4742
Michael J. Frawley, CPAvCard
Jane M. Johnson, CPAvCard
Rebecca A. Millsap, CPAvCard
KALAMAZOO 269.329.7007 / 800.375.3968
David T. Jewell, CPAvCard
Michael J. Oliphant, CPA, CVA, CFEvCard
Carol A. Patridge, CPAvCard
James D. Reinhart, CPA, PFSvCard
LANSING 517.323.9500
Charles A. Hawes, CPAvCard
Mark R. Perry, CPAvCard
MIDLAND 989.631.6060 / 800.701.3574
Gary M. Daenzer, CPAvCard
John W. Haag Sr., CPA/ABV, CVA, CFFvCard
Michael R. Zimmerman, CPAvCard
SOUTHGATE (734) 246-9600
Kenneth A. Brooks, CPAvCard
Dennis R. Danville, CPAvCard
Michael A. Georges, CPAvCard
Kurt W. Krantz, CPAvCard
Thomas E. Monteleon, CPAvCard
AFFILIATED MEDICAL BILLING, LLC 989.797.1400 / 866.493.9830
Julia M. Lowe, CPCvCard
YEO & YEO COMPUTER CONSULTING 989.797.4075 / 800.607.1446
Jeff McCullochvCard
YEO & YEO FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC 989.793.9830 / 800.968.0010
David A. Beyerlein, CPA, PFSvCard
Michael L. Espinoza, CRPCvCard
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